how to plan a staycation

Planning a Staycation with a Baby

The Do’s and Dont’s of a family Staycation with a Baby

On a Budget!

Lets face facts, maternity pay doesn’t get you very far especially when you spent all your savings renovating your new house before you had the baby. Which makes a staycation the only summer holiday option. I’m not complaining because we enjoy our home, and last year we went to Ibiza and the South of France – so I will stop you there before you get the violins out.Read More »

month of may

Home With The Buckley’s – Month of May

Capturing Memories

The Month of May

We all have different reasons as to why we keep a blog. For me it has been something I have longed to do but didn’t have the confidence to just start one. However, having a baby gave me confidence to put myself out there and so I decided to ‘begin at the beginning’. As I continue my journey into motherhood in the first year of his life I want to remember the little things that we do. The small milestones as they come and go,  and the tiny adventures.Read More »

embracing wonder weeks

The Four Month Perfect Storm

The Four Month Perfect Storm

We’re going to need more coffee


So the fourth trimester is over, you’ve settled in to a nice routine. You know what time to feed your baby, change your baby, pop your baby down for a nap. You are getting housework done, you are brushing your hair and enjoying hot coffee. You’re contemplating updating that yoga app on your iPad and you have even started a craft project… but guess what… don’t get too comfortable…welcome to the four-month perfect storm; let me give you a rundown of all the things that will upset the day to day bliss of a happy homeRead More »

myths truths and lessons learnt

Parenthood – Myths, truths, lessons learnt 

Parenthood – Myths, truths, lessons learnt


1.FIRST SIGHT Its easy to imagine the first time you see your baby, come on we have all watched one born every minute… I know what i’m supposed to do – i’m supposed to burst into tears at the site of this pink little screaming bundle of joy… What nobody told me was that pushing a baby out is the most ridiculous and absurd thing you will ever do. And when the midwife told me to look down all I could do was laugh! Now it might have something to do with the copious amounts of gas and air – but my god I found seeing him for the first time funnier than Michael McIntyre’s wobbly hair.Read More »

home with the buckleys

No. 12

No. 12

We’re Working On It

We bought number 12 on the 12th April 2016 – and I was 4 weeks pregnant by the 12th May 2016! We are aware of how this happened, its just it all happened a lot faster than we thought it would… this meant the grand plans for number 12 had to be paired back and a simple ‘get on with it before the baby is here’ type renovation had to commence.Read More »

An owed to instagram

about you

An owed to instagram


I will admit this blog post might be alienating if you are not obsessed with instagram, but please try to read until the end because this rambling does have a point

December 2016, 32 weeks pregnant and I was signed off work with stress, work related stress, pregnancy related stress, general life stress! Half my first trimester symptoms had come back and even though I thought I could just carry on until the end it turns out I couldn’t – I was done. And I was bored …there is only so much call the midwife one can catch up on.Read More »

I Must Blog

begin crop

But Where To Begin

I wanted to write the perfect first blog post – although I have come to the conclusion that this will not be perfect. But I need to start somewhere.

I wanted to start somewhere near the beginning, because I have an overwhelming need to start new projects at the beginning. But, since the moment we decided to expand our family of two humans (one cat and some chickens) into three humans (one cat and currently one chicken), since that moment, i’m not sure where the beginning began.Read More »